Video & Social Media Marketing Conference

Video and Social Media Marketing Conference
Nowadays is social media an essential part of our everyday live. It’s not only a key to faster communication, but also an important ingredient of our professional success. This conference will give you expert directions on how to work most efficient with social media and video content and how to integrate them in your marketing strategy in the age of massive competition. The audience will have a chance to expand its knowledge by hearing the professional opinion of devoted lectors. Useful advices, practical examples and interesting conversations are expecting you!

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[Our Speakers]

Communication Project Manager & Inclusive Communication Manager

Director of communication
INSITE OOH Media Platform

Kevin Roberts

Content Specialist

Lucindi Storme
South Africa

Cyber Security Consultant
Pyramid IT

Managing Director
Maxime Flagranti Media

Kate Busby

Social Media Consultant
FTSE 250

Mandar Marathe

BriefKase Digital Communications

Digital Marketing Strategist
The Corporate Eccentric

Kate Busby

Social Media Consultant
FTSE 250

Ivan Quinones

Digital Manager

BrainBox Creative

PR Manager
Entertainment Sector

Mia De Rauch

Managing Director
Flipswitch Media

[Our Timetable]

The organizers reserve the right to change the program!


10.00 AM - GMT
Official opening

10.00 AM
Are Social Media Changing the African Narrative?
Maharit Asghedom Woldeghiorghis
10:20 AM
The Psychology of Consumer Connection
Kevin Roberts – Canada
10:34 AM
Brand Lifecycle
Mahmoud Saeed – Egypt

11.25 – 11.40 AM 
Virtual Coffee Break 

11.40 AM
Social Media : Your best tool or your worse nightmare
Lucindi Storme – South Africa
12:00 PM
Marketing with benefits.
Ntando Lurwengu –
South Africa
12:26 PM
B2B Marketing in LinkedIn
Lyubomir Atanasov – Bulgaria

01.00 – 01.20 PM 
Virtual Coffee Break 

01.20 PM
How B2B companies can use Instagram in 2020 
Kate Busby – Spain
02.00 PM
How to ace your LinkedIn game 
Mandar Marathe – India
02.10 PM
How to connect with audiences to build your
business online
Paolo Kernahan,
Narrisa Mandol –
Trinidad and Tobago
02.22 PM
Social Media Strategy for Companies With Multiple
Joel Nomdarkham – Jamaica
02.40 PM
Brands with purpose
Ivan Quinones – Peru

02.55 – 03.10 PM 
Virtual Coffee Break 

03.10 PM
Content Strategy: Intention to Creation
Mia De Rauch – Australia
03.28 PM
The Power of Personal Branding on Linkedin 
Patricia Setyadjie –
03.42 PM
Stop Doing PR & Pay Attention to People 
Anil Dhakane – India

04.00 PM
End of Virtual Conference

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