23 MARCH 2021 – VIDEO STREAM / 10:00 GMT

The Digital Marketing Agency Director’s Forum

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10.00 AM - GMT
Official opening

10.00 AM
My Secret Weapon in Customer Experience for retailers and brands
Isidoros Sideridis – United
10:07 AM
My secret weapon in advanced analytics. How to
use all the user behavioural data, ad services and
CRM data to increase ROMI
Margo Kashuba – Ukraine
10:20 AM
My Secret Weapon in making marketing strategy stand out amid the COVID-19 noise
Vladimir Ristevski – North
10:33 AM
My secret weapon in innovation
Jeremy Woods – Romania
10:40 AM
My secret weapon in SEO
Sumukh Lohani – Nepal
10:55 AM
My secret weapon in marketing management is
continuous adaptability
Ruxandra Maria – Romania

11.10 – 11.25 AM 
Virtual Coffee Break 

11.25 AM
The secret weapon in 20% SEO that deliver 80% of
the results
Nikola Minkov – Bulgaria
11:38 AM
Building business relationships in a digital world
and during a pandemic – a more personal approach
Leila Lunguleac Bardasuc –
11:49 AM
My Secret Weapon in Digital Marketing is in positioning my clients as business leaders and industry authorities through content creation
Nina Sharil Khan – Malaysia
12:10 PM
My Secret Weapon in creating the Personal Brands
of Global CEOS and Founders
Kimberly Afonso – Italy
12:20 PM
My Secret Weapon in Employing Advocacy with
Social Media
Yandaro AL Amien –
12:35 PM
My Secret Weapon in discovering new markets
Alejandro Giron – Honduras

01.05 – 01.20 PM 
Virtual Coffee Break 

01.20 PM
My secret weapon in marketing during the
Tetiana Ruban – Ukraine
01:45 PM
My secret weapon in Work with clients
Dimitar Denev – Bulgaria
01:53 PM
My Secret Weapon in Digitalized Business is Convergence and Sales
Anuseeya Khadka – Nepal
02:08 PM
My Secret Weapon
Anabela Luca – Romania
02:35 PM
How to sell without selling and stand out from the crowd
Lyubomir Atanasov –
03:05 PM
Successful Email Marketing Blueprint
Kester Omoragbo – Nigeria

03.20 PM
End of Virtual Conference

[Our Speakers]

Internet Media Group

Co-Founder and Marketing Director
Piksel LTD

FaithVenture Media

Senior Digital Marketing Executive
Covered by SAGE

Marketing Manager
Ruxandra Maria

VP of International Business
Avari Identity

CEO and Founder
Kimberly Afonso Global Digital Marketing & Consulting Agency

Founder & Chief Learning Officer

Account & Brand Partnership Manager
Glovo APP

Marketing GYM

Business Development Manager
SEOMAX Digital Agency

Digital Marketing Executive
MPercept Technology, Digital Gurkha


Digital Marketing Executive
Avensa Global Solution

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The Digital Marketing Agency Director’s Forum

Digital Marketing is becoming one of the most intriguing fields for professional development. The technologies are improving quickly. More and more companies start working online, causing one of the most drastic changes for the modern world – the digitization. The preferences of the society are changing as well making online shopping and virtual communication extremely demanded and preferred over the classic ways of interaction.

During “The Digital Marketing Agency Director’s Forum”, leading marketing agency directors will share their expert advices, best practices and professional experience. Useful know-how and proven strategies are expecting everyone, who strives to promising digital marketing career.


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