Logistics of the future. Supply Chain Management & Fulfillment Solutions Conference

Supply Chain Management and Fulfillment Solutions

During the virtual conference, qualified supply chain leaders will share their experience, struggles and proven practices. You will find answers to the following questions:

  • How to work most efficient in the field of supply chain management and fulfillment?
  • What are the main trends in supply chain management in 2021?
  • How to ensure the best customer experience?
  • How to create successful supply chain planning?
  • How is supply chain management changing on a global level?
  • How does Covid-19 pandemic influence the global supply chain planning?
  • How important are technology, automation and AI for the development of supply chain and fulfillment?

[About Conference]

[Our Speakers]

Supply Chain Director
Arabian Steel Industries

Branch Manager
Tieffe Group Srl

Clement Shuaibu

Transport and Distribution manager
Nigerbev Limited

Marketing Officerr
Natcom Services


Co-founder and Director

Supply Network Developer
Exxon Mobil

Parul Singh

Senior Technology Supplier Manager
TD Bank

Art of Working


Microsoft Regional Director/
Connecting Software

Qualified Supply Chain Practitioner

Senior Supply and Demand Manager/Emcure Pharmaceuticals Limited

[Our Timetable]

The organizers reserve the right to change the program!


10.00 AM - GMT
Official opening

10.00 AM
Demand Vs Warehouse Performance
Shady Aljacky – Egypt
10:21 AM
Logistics of the future with third-party companies
Clement Shuaibu – Nigeria
10:42 AM
Human Freight management in the digital era
Alessandro Galati – Italy
11:24 AM
B2C and C2B, which one is the most efficient in a
digitalized market place?
Qavani Guy Noel Kone –
11:56 AM
AI-powered robotic unloading of pallets laden with
boxes using artificial intelligence
Michal Maly – Slovakia

12.10 – 12.30 PM 
Virtual Coffee Break 

12.30 PM
Elastic Logistics as new concept for logistics
George Nizamis – Greece
12:48 PM
Supplier Relationship Management
Parul Singh – Canada
01:10 PM
Next Generation of Supply Chain Leaders 
Atul Holkar – India
01:32 PM
Secure your Supply Chain 
Stefano Tempesta – Australia

01.55 – 02.15 PM 
Virtual Coffee Break 

02.15 PM
Data Analytics in Supply Chain
Leonardo Cabrera
03:05 PM
S&OP Meetings through experience
Ahmed Hamamsy – United
Arab Emirates

03.35 PM
End of Virtual Conference

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