International Cybersecurity & Digital Services Protection Conference

International Cybersecurity & Digital Services Protection Conference is an information security event featuring comprehensive conference programme showcasing the most relevant information, security solutions and products.

The conference aims to provide intellectually fertile platform for exchange of ideas, concepts, perspectives and opinions on cutting edge cyberspace ecosystem issues. And also to examine and analyze the emerging Cyberlaw, Cybercrime and Cybersecurity trends of today’s times.

The event will be a wonderful opportunity for networking with the best minds in the cyber ecosystem, multi-disciplinary discussions and debate on critical issues concerning Cyberspace today.

The virtual event is based on the following:   

  • B2B Meet and Match – directed at specific actions and achieving results 
  • Am opportunity for small and medium technological companies to present and show their achievements through special platforms
  • Increasing the speed of digital transformation for the business (not only) through access for up to date themes and recent materials
  • Growing young people’s interest to digital technologies, which in time will give results concerning their development
  • Getting up to date in the world for innovations in digital technologies and needs for the business 

[About Conference]

[Our Speakers]

President & Director, Cyber Defense
Terranova Defense Solutions

Head of Information Security
TPL Corp

Cyber Security Lead
Vodafone Egypt

Forensic Investigator
TCG Digital Forensics

Chief Executive
The Banchi Group

Founder of Eagles firm
Eagles Firm for Training & Cyber Security Servcies

Muhammad Kamran Khan

Manager Information Security
Pakistan International Airlines

Filipi Pires

Principal Security Engineer
Zup Innovation

Hesham Elzoghby

Sr. Advisor, Governance Risk & Compliance

Guy-Fiacre Badje

Coordinator-Togo/Phd Student
Monarch Intelligence Community/UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal)

Abraham Abu

Associate Researcher

Tunde Dada

Group Head IT
Inq Digital Telecom

Mohamed Talaat

Senior Information & Security Consultant

[Our Timetable]

The organizers reserve the right to change the program!

Expert Opinion
Secure by Design challenges and enhancements
Ahmed Afifi
Cyber Security Operations Center
Sehrish Mujtaba
Importance of Information Security Frameworks for Organizations
Muhammad Kamran Khan
A Cyber Security Threat Perspective – SA’s 2020 Overview.
Collen Mphabantshi
Cyber Attacks in Pandmic Time
Ahmed Mostafa
How to Secure your company by GRC
Hesham Elzoghby
Securing digital assets in a volatile world
Tunde Dada
African organizations and cyber risks: what legal framework?
Guy-Fiacre Badje
How To Start And Grow Your e-commerce Business with Minimal cost
Abraham Abu
Moden Threat Hunting Techniques
Mohamed Talaat
Best Practices
Post-quantum cyber defense
James Castle
Cybersecurity & Digital Services
Craig Pedersen
Discovering C&C in Malicious PDF using deobfuscation, enconding and other techniqueis
Filipi Pires

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